Sitting quietly
Doing nothing
Spring comes
Grass grows by itself


Khud se guftgu ( a conversation with the self)

Kyun khud ko bech raha hai re?
Aur kuchh hai hi nahi bechne ko.
Kyun bech raha hai?
Aur Kuchh aata hi nahi karne ko.
Kyun kar raha hai?
Aur kuchh hai hi nahi na-karne ko.
Kyun tu hai re?
Yahi jan-ne ko.

Why do you sell yourself?
There is nothing else to sell.
Why do you sell?
There is nothing else that I can do.
Why do you do?
There is nothing to not do.
Why do you exist?
To know this.

It dances

We dance
We all dance
We smile looking at each other
And we dance

We have different joys
But we dance
You think about something
And I think of something else
Yet we dance

We are ecstatic
The world is happy
And what do we do?
We all dance

The world dances
The words are dancing
Listen to the silence hereafter

It dances

होश / Hosh

नशे में कहाँ कभी वो नशा था ।
ये तोह होश था जिसने मुझे ख़ुद से मिलाया ॥

Nashe mein kahan kabhi woh nasha tha ,
Yeh toh hosh tha jisne mujhe khud se milaya

I am a candle by Arseny Tarkovsky

I am a candle. I burned at the feast.
Gather my wax when morning arrives
so that this page will remind you
how to be proud and how to weep,
how to give away the last third
of happiness, and how to die with ease—
and beneath a temporary roof
to burn posthumously, like a word.