The Flute player by the roadside

A small touristy town which I call a cosmopolitan in transit is home to many refugees who are living in exile. It is weird that you cannot live where at your innocent best you once had created your house with the mixture of soil and water.

Life however, continues.

We adapt and adjust to the world and survive. It would have been better if Charles Darwin was an economist, at least that way we would get an idea about how we would evolve to survive in this world of today.

There are many stories, about many people. This is one such. A man, who isn’t a refugee and yet is in exile of sorts because this is where he survives alone away from his family and homeland.

The hands help him carve the most beautiful flutes and the breath creates a magic of sorts. And how the artistry, the business, the survival, the life goes on…. by the roadside.


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